Alpha G1600 (1600psi) Complete ‘Plug-N-Play’ Brake Module


Please contact us or call 1-(866) 509-9933 to order this product.

The Alpha G1600 complete ‘Plug-N-Play’ Brake Actuator Module includes:

  • Deutsche Hydrapro, Alpha G1600 Brake Actuator;
  • Breakaway switch and battery backup unit with charge indicator;
  • Electrical junction box with pre-wired terminal;
  • Heavy duty 7-pin car plug and 1.3m cable (rated to 40amps)
  • Alloy mount and fixings; and
  • All components fitted and wired into the module.

The only thing required is to mount the module to the trailer or caravan, connect the lights into the junction box, and you’re ready to go with the Deutsche Hydrapro complete ‘Plug-N-Play’ EOH 1600psi Brake Actuator module.

Please contact the team at Deutsche Hydrapro with any wholesale sales enquiries.

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