Compatibility Controller Information for Deutsche Hydrapro EOH Brake Actuators

OEM Brake Controller Compatibility (Dodge, GM, and Ford vehicles)

Deutsche Hydrapro testing has shown that there can be compatibility issues with some OEM brake controllers.

These controllers require a specific output signal to detect a connection with a trailer’s electric brakes or electric over hydraulic (EOH) brake system.

Therefore, some OEM controllers may require enhanced signal detection to detect a correct trailer connection with EOH brake actuators.

To accommodate the various OEM controllers, we have a special compatibility adapter easily fitted to the Deutsche Hydrapro brake actuator, but any OEM compatibility adapter will work on our unit. The only brand we've experienced an issue with is Tekonsha.

Compatible Factory Controllers:

Chevy: 2023 Silverado

GMC: 2019 Denali 2500

Ford: 2020 F-150 (adjust in-cab brake controller to EOH)

Known Factory Controllers Requiring Adaptors:

Ford: 2007-2008 Models

Ford: 2016 F-350

Ford: 2019 F-250

Ford: 2020 F-450

Ford: 2021 F350

Ford: 2022 F-250

Ford: 2022 F-450

Ford: 2023 F-250

Dodge: 2017 - Current

GMC/Chevy: 2007-2017

We are constantly working on updating our compatibility list. Please email us if you find your truck compatible or non-compatible, and we will update our list to help others with their purchases.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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